Repair of refrigerators in Borodyanka

About service – repair of refrigerators in Borodyanka

Failures that occur with refrigerators, in most cases require professional intervention. This is explained by the fact that qualified specialists – repairing refrigerators in Borodyanka and Borodyansky district at home have all the necessary skills that allow them to quickly and efficiently cope with the difficulties encountered. In addition, sometimes in the process of repairing the refrigerator, you may need a special tool or equipment that an ordinary user does not have.

Next, we briefly review the typical breakdowns that occur in widespread brands of refrigerators, for some you may need to repair refrigerators in Borodyanka and Borodyansky district, and you will be able to cope with some malfunctions of the refrigerator yourself.

If there is no lighting inside the chamber, this is possible due to a blown lamp or the failure of the circuit breaker of its power supply. If, in the first case, the task can be solved independently and simply screwed in a new lamp, then in the second, diagnostics and replacement of the switch with a professional refrigerator repair specialist in Borodyanka will be required.

Another common problem is the appearance of water down the chamber. This may indicate that the drain tube is dirty, which diverts the melt water. To clean it, it will be quite enough to use a small brush in the form of a brush, or a soft plastic tube. An insulating tube of the appropriate diameter from the electrical cable is also suitable. Then it is recommended to rinse the drain with warm water using a medical syringe. No chemical detergents can be used. They can permanently damage the plastic parts of the refrigerator.

Unusual noise may occur due to improper positioning of the refrigerator after transport or reinstallation. It is necessary by adjusting the legs to ensure a steady state with a slight tilt of the refrigerator back. Next, check the absence of contact elements of the refrigerator with foreign objects. This is especially true of the back. In the worst case, such “symptoms” may appear as a result of a breakdown of the compressor suspension. Then it will have to either be restored or replaced. The final decision can only be a specialist in repairing refrigerators in Borodyanka at home.

When there is no cold in the refrigerator when the compressor is not running, it is necessary to sequentially perform diagnostics:

– start-up relay; 
– thermostat; 
– compressor; 
– control module.

Spontaneous shutdown of the refrigerator after a short period of time after start-up usually occurs due to the failure of the start-up protection relay, which must be replaced with a suitable one. Less often this is possible with a compressor failure. To check these nodes, you need to contact a specialist service centers for help.

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