Repair of refrigerators in Irpen

About service – repair of refrigerators in Irpen

Today it is difficult to imagine a family that could live longer than a day without a refrigerator. Gone are the days when people used cellars and similar methods of cooling products. Now you can save on the purchase of a microwave, satellite dish, and other household goods, but the refrigerator must be in the living room, as well as the repair of refrigerators in Irpin should be accessible to everyone. Yes, and in offices they are often installed, this device is so convenient and functional.

But, like any other equipment, even the highest-quality refrigerator can fail sooner or later. With old models, this happens due to age, regular wear of parts. But in new models, breakdowns are often associated with improper operation.

Regardless of the cause of the problem and its features, it is better to entrust the solution of this task to professionals. So you can be sure that the problem is diagnosed as accurately as possible, without losing the little things that will affect later. Self repair is dangerous both for the equipment itself and for you. Yes, and all this will cost in the end much more expensive.

Fast and high-quality  repair of refrigerators Irpen  offers our company.

Benefits of repairing refrigerators in Irpen at home

The most convenient is the  repair of refrigerators at home . The main advantage is that you protect your household appliance from damage during transportation. An employee of our company will come directly to your home, which means you will also save on loaders. Unsuccessful transportation when moving – often causes problems in the refrigerator. Therefore, without extreme necessity, it is better not to risk it.

Common Damage

We offer a full range of services related to the repair of non-operating or poorly operating refrigerators. Over the years of experience, we managed to collect a general list of breakdowns and faults, which owners of household appliances most often encounter. And if you know how to quickly eliminate the leak, or check why the refrigerator does not freeze, then we work daily with all the problems from the list. This allowed to bring the  repair of refrigerators in Irpen  to the highest level, to minimize the time and financial costs.

  • The refrigerator does not work, although the light is on – in most cases, this problem indicates a malfunctioning of the start-protection relay, which regulates the operation of the compressor. Also, the thermostat or the defrost button could cause damage. In any case, without professional intervention is not enough;
  • The refrigerator does not freeze anymore – a very frequent breakdown, which is resolved rather quickly in most cases. Check if “quick freeze” is enabled. But this malfunction can also be associated with freon leakage, so it is better to conduct a full diagnosis of the device;
  • The refrigerator has stopped turning off – a breakdown of the thermostat or temperature sensor, the control module, clogged capillary tube can lead to this malfunction. The first two parts must be replaced, our specialist will cope with the others;
  • The refrigerator does not turn on – first you need to check if the outlet is working. If everything is all right with it, they are looking for a problem in the relay, thermostat, compressor, defrost button. Another reason may be damage to the power cord of the refrigerator.

In addition to working with major problems, we offer other services. For example, the replacement of refrigerator rubber sealing. This is necessary if you notice that the device cools, but not with the same efficiency as before. It may also be necessary to replace the hinges of the built-in refrigerators, since in some models their mechanism is weak, which leads to rapid wear during operation. Another popular service is pen replacement.

Turning to our experts, you get high quality work for affordable money. We have cash and  non-cash payments when paying for the repair services of refrigerators in Irpin