Repair of refrigerators in Kyiv

We understand that a refrigerator is the most important household appliance in every household, and breaking it is a serious nuisance that I want to fix as soon as possible. Therefore, we try to repair your refrigerator at the time agreed with you.

“Master Cold” repairs refrigerators in Kyiv and suburbs. Calling to the specified number, you will receive a preliminary consultation (it happens that the problem is fiddling and may well be fixed by you). To repair the refrigerator, you leave a request to the dispatcher by phone, and our craftsmen travel to you with a full set of equipment and spare parts at the agreed time.

Already on-site diagnostics of your refrigerator will be made and the cost of repairs will be determined according to the price list. And if you give good – our masters will be engaged in repair. If it turns out that on-site repair is impossible (stationary equipment is necessary) or requires a large amount of time, then we will deliver it to the workshop for quality repairs.

The main types of faults refrigerators

Unfortunately, there is no eternal household appliances. And refrigerators are no exception. All parts have their own resource. For example, mechanical thermostats are designed for 10-12 thousand on-off. Therefore, replacing the thermostat once every 4-5 years is almost a scheduled repair. Damage to electronic components may occur due to problems with the mains electricity. Due to the same reasons, motor-compressors can fail. Leakage of freon can occur as a result of corrosion of the tubes inside the foamed body of the refrigerator. In any case, all these failures, as a rule, are not fatal and are completely subject to correction. After which your fridge or freezer will continue to work.

Modern refrigerators have several compartments – chambers. As a rule, there are two of them – the freezing (low-temperature compartment) and the refrigerating, where the products are not frozen, but cooled. The cooling temperature is adjustable and ranges from +1 to +7 degrees. This is the range in which food stored in the refrigerator retains all its beneficial properties longer.

If you notice that the products become rapidly deteriorating or the temperature is above the specified values, this most likely indicates a malfunction in your refrigerator. But first, you can check for yourself a few moments. Perhaps you just made a big load (especially for products in glass jars and plastic containers), and the refrigerator just needs time to cool them. You can also try using the thermostat or electronic control (use the instruction manual, which describes how to do it) to lower the temperature in the chamber. If during the day the situation does not change for the better, do not pull and hope that the problem will be solved by itself. It should immediately contact the repair service (name).

Our experts will identify and solve the problem.

There are several options.

The first is the breakdown of a mechanical temperature controller or electronic temperature sensor and electronic control unit. The repair is not the most difficult, but the price may vary greatly due to the details that were used by the manufacturer of your refrigerator.

The second possible problem is the leakage of freon or the difficulty of the freon in the capillary tube of the system (the so-called blockage). This is a more complicated repair, the implementation of which requires not only specialized knowledge, but also special equipment. First you need to identify and localize the leak (as a rule, it is a microcrack through which freon leaves the system). Then determine what is needed to fix the problem. If the leak occurs on the open tubes, then the sealing of the damaged part of the tube with its replacement takes place. Soldering is carried out by special burners (oxygen-propane or MAPP) in compliance with all safety regulations. If freon leaves in the foamed part of the refrigerator case, then various options are possible – bypassing the system with a bypass tube, replacement of the evaporator (evaporator weighed inside the chamber), opening of the foamed part, followed by soldering and foaming. The last option is the most difficult and requires repair in the workshop. The difficulty of the freon patency is corrected by forcing and washing the capillary tube with the help of special equipment.

There are several other reasons for the high temperature in the refrigerating chamber – the door is not tightly closed due to the wear of sealing rubber or breakage of the door-to-body brackets. Less common deformation of the body. Sometimes the motor-compressor as a result of wear ceases to create the necessary pressure in the system, which requires its replacement. These are all breakdowns that are not frequent, but they require correct, high-quality diagnostics, which the masters (workshop name) will surely cope with. 
For repairing your refrigerator, our masters use only original or analog spare parts from reputable manufacturers. We confirm their quality and durability with a guarantee issued after repair. You can be calm – after repair your equipment will last a long time.

For repairing your refrigerator, our masters use only original or analog spare parts from reputable manufacturers. We confirm their quality and durability with a guarantee issued after repair. You can be calm – after repair your equipment will last a long time.